Guernica de la Ecología & Mediterranean Wind in Museum Kranenburgh

By: Claudy: 25-04-2023

On Earth Day, during the preview of three exhibitions at Museum Kranenburgh, the museum turned its attention to the relationship between man and nature and also calls for action. One of the exhibiting artists Claudy Jongstra has been doing that for years. She pleas for more biodiversity and color in nature, sustainable art, dignified craftsmanship and healthy agriculture in an inclusive working environment through her impressive work Guernica de la Ecología.
Next to this monumental piece that fits in seamlessly with the museum and its surroundings, de ‘Sichting Vrienden Kranenburgh’ made it possible to purchase Jongstra’s work: Mediterranean Wind for their permanent collection, exhibited as an eye catcher in the foyer. Jongstra’s work relates to the art of another exhibiting artist: Cristina Lucas. With ‘Environment is Us’ she refers to the question of how to relate to nature in times of ecological crisis. We are intertwined; the chemical elements of nature are also in our bodies - and in her works of art. Finally the exhibition A touch of Light offers light, reflection and colour in these dark times with works by Esther Tielemans, Vivianne Sassen, Caja Boogers, etc.