Art pieces for reception desks Truist Center

By: Claudy: 22-02-2024

Studio Claudy Jongstra was commissioned to create several art pieces that are integrated into the lobby reception desks that greet employees and visitors at the entrances of Truist Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The warm earth tones of the natural dyes are inspired by the geology and hydrology of Charlotte. Especially the golden hues of onion skins represent Charlotte’s rare and valuable gold deposits.
Each of the three artworks are a foundation for positive interaction and enduring connection that warmly welcomes the community to the bank and fosters an economy of care.
Also in Jongstra's vision, the materials, process and artworks are part of an economy based on caring for people and the planet. Claudy Jongstra's colourful and vibrant monumental felted artworks from Drenthe Heath Sheep's wool whose colors are distilled from natural dye plants like madder root and woad, celebrate the abundance of nature. The eye-catching art pieces contribute to an inspiring environment and the wool softens and humanizes the large architectural space with its tactile, warm and acoustic qualities. 
The commission was facilitated by Hodges Taylor, an art consulting firm based in Charlotte, on behalf of Truist Bank.