Fries Museum

By: Claudy: 19-11-2014

This is a large-scale textile wallcovering for the new Fries Museum. The instructions for this wallcovering in the entry hall of the new museum, to open in 2013, were to create a visualization of the Frisian landscape.

These images show an artistic view of the Dutch-Frisian landscape with sunlight, blue sky and earth. In the spectrum of the earth, you can see the low horizon and the rich details in the embroidery. Colours used are: onion,weld,cochenille and indigo.

Our tapestries and wallcoverings express the beauty of natural materials and are unique in their closeness to nature and the exploration of new options. Each art piece is especially designed for the building itself. Studio Claudy Jongstra always presents samples, sketch proposals and/or mock-ups during the design process.