Tribute to the Planets

By: Claudy: 03-03-2020

Tribute to the Planets, a densely felted, low sheen woolen mural, celebrates the richness and quality of natural materials that Earth has to offer. An inspiring, multi-sensory element for the new Triodos Bank Headquarters by RAU Architects, Jongstra’s artwork contributes to the creation of a healthy working environment. The intensity of the colours in this work is the result of extensive distillation processes with the purest plant material, in combination with newly-acquired knowledge about historical natural dye processes from Jongstra’s ongoing research in collaboration with the ERC Artechne project.

Jongstra’s mural radiates warmth and vitality in golden, pink and red hues - extracted from roots and plants like madder and onion skin - are interlaced with characteristic deep blues derived from indigo leaves.

Values that are central to Triodos Bank - providing a healthy and inspirational environment for mankind whilst carefully sustaining our planet - are also pivotal to Claudy Jongstra’s art practice. Tribute to the Planets expresses shared concerns about eco-awareness, collaborative stewardship of people and planet, and preservation of ancient knowledge and crafts.