By: Claudy 19-06-2016

Situated in a restored conservatory in Priona Gardens, the floral piece ‘Priona Blossom’ echoes the ‘wild but tight’ philosophy of garden design that was pioneered here in 1978 by Henk Gerritsen. 

  • Priona Gardens, NL 2016
  • Priona Blossom
  • Summerrestaurant 'De Tuinkamer'
  • Size: 3.80 x 1.25
  • Material: wool, silk, yarn, natural dyes
By: Claudy 15-01-2015

The Natlab is well known as the former Research & Development Laboratory of Philips Company in Eindhoven.

The theme ‘research’ formed the basis for the series of 3 wall coverings in this multipurpose meeting room.

  • Natlab, Eindhoven, 2014
By: Claudy 20-11-2014

Felt wrapped on panels. The 15 large-scale art panels in the Lightcourt are all different.

  • Barnes Foundation, USA, 2012
  • Mother of Pearl Wallcovering
  • TWBT Architects
  • Size 1 panel: 2.50 m x 2.50 m
  • Material: tussah silk, merino wool