By: Claudy 27-11-2021

When developing Crossings”, a large-scale diptych for the main hall of Stadtsparkasse Bocholt new headquarters in Bocholt, Germany, Claudy Jongstra drew inspiration from the metaphor of “weaving a social fabric.” Initiating collaborations with a network of loc

  • Stadtsparkasse Bocholt
  • Photography by Jeroen Musch
By: Claudy 16-11-2021

In the summer of 2021 at the event of Claudy Jongstra’s first solo exhibition at Galerie Fontana in Amsterdam a series of interviews was initiated about the materials and processes involved to create her works of art. In Atelier Talks II Joris Montens tells us about the Fontana’s match with the artist Claudy Jongstra.

  • Atelier Talks II
  • In conversation with Suzanna de Sitter and Joris Montens
  • In collaboration with Galerie Fontana
  • Film by Lourens Lente / Sound by Kay van Vree