By: Claudy: 19-06-2017

As in an impressionist landscape, the transformation of the essence of wisdom is visualized on its travel from the source - the library - through the head - in a state of knowledge - to the heart where it will develop and flourish. The source is in blue from the indigo plant on the wool from the ancient Drenthe Heath Sheep, combining the eastern and western hemispheres of knowledge of past times stored in the books in the library. Pure white in silk fibres shows the intellectual stage of active knowledge in the present derived from research with the help of connections and understanding in the mind. White is completely reflective and awakens openness and growth for the next phase. In the warm yellow heart the dynamic transformation can take place through engagement, curiosity, and irrational creativity into golden wisdom for the future. Chamomile, an age old dyers plant, renders its warm yellow glow to one of the oldest fibres known to men, the shiny thread from the Chinese silkworm (Bombyx Mori).

For Studio Claudy Jongstra the installation of Fields of Transformation forms the culmination of many weeks of collaborating on growing and preparing the pigment plants and raw yarns, carding, spinning, coloring, selecting, creating, felting, embroidering and stitching (more than 9.000 stitches by hand) by the ever expanding working community of gardeners, artisans, art students coming together in Friesland.


Photo credit:

feinknopf photography

Studio Claudy Jongstra