A Space For Being by Google

By: Claudy: 16-05-2019

Studio Claudy Jongstra in collaboration with Google, Reddymade Architecture & Design, Muuto Design, International Arts + Mind Lab, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Brain Science Institute, created a specially commissioned artwork: a panoramic woolen tapestry of 16m x 1.30m for one of the three rooms in the multitudinous installation at Spazio Maiocchi, Salone del Mobile 2019. Each room has a different design theme, with its own colors, textures, sounds, and scents. Guests are given a custom-made wearable band and sent off to traverse and experience three rooms. The band measures their physical response, such as their heart rate and skin temperature. As the experience comes to an end, visitors receive a personalized analysis elucidating which room made them feel calm and at ease. A Space For Being examines what neuroaesthetics—the study of how the brain responds to art—says about the effect of art and design on our physical health and mental wellbeing.