Acuarello & Diptych for The Future Perfect

By: Claudy: 23-06-2023

Claudy Jongstra, known worldwide for her extraordinary textile artworks and architectural installations, created a series of new unique tapestries for The Future Perfect for both the concept gallery in New York and San Francisco. In the expansive space of The Future Perfect's Goldwyn House, at the foot of the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, Jongstra's series of five unique works adorn the walls.  Acuarello No. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 showcase Jongstra's exceptional expertise in ancient techniques such as wool felting and plant-based dyeing. Also for these works, she uses the best quality wool sourced from a local flock of rare Drenthe Heath Sheep dyed with natural colours. The organic shapes are reminiscent of mountainous islands, rocks or even planets, but are enormously soft and tactile. Simultaneously at The Future Perfects' St Luke's Townhouse in New York, Jongstra presents two other new works entitled NY Dyptich No. 1 and NY Dyptich No. 2. Dyptich refers to landscapes with organic structures and vibrant natural tones.

The works can be seen and purchased online - and at their respective venues: