Anza Borrego for BioMed Realty’s Oberlin campus in San Diego

By: Claudy: 04-11-2022

As if Anza Borrego has always been there; the 22-meter-long mural composed of felted wool in a vibrant botanical dye color palette fits so naturally with the space and the environment. Studio Claudy Jongstra created this art piece for the research community at the café of BioMed Realty’s Oberlin campus in San Diego, California. BioMed tries to find new ways to predict and prevent cancer, diabetes, and HIV infection, while the artwork contributes to a healthy, inspiring, and welcoming environment. At the same time the artwork is inspired by and harmonious with the surrounding landscape. Studio Claudy Jongstra aims to connect with the nearby Anza-Borrego Desert, Anza Borrego reflects the natural geographical environment where the ‘Borrego’, a Spanish word for sheep, are the desert’s indigenous and now endangered inhabitants, the Desert Bighorn sheep. It relates to Jongstra who also works with wool from a rare flock of indigenous Drenthe heath sheep.