Atelier Talks II

By: Claudy: 16-11-2021

In the summer of 2021 at the event of Claudy Jongstra’s first solo exhibition at Galerie Fontana in Amsterdam a series of interviews was initiated about the materials and processes involved to create her works of art. In Atelier Talks II Joris Montens tells us about the Fontana’s match with the artist Claudy Jongstra. In front of the large art piece ‘Charleston Farmhouse’ Jongstra explains which pigment plants were used to obtain the palette of colours and talks to Joris Montens about future plans. Suzanna de Sitter interviews Claudia Busson, Jongstra’s partner and master gardener of their biodynamic farm in Húns, Friesland, where many of the dye plants are propagated.

Film by Lourens Lente. Sound by Kay van Vree.

 Atelier Talks I can be viewed here.