Claudy Jongstra at Museum De Lakenhal

By: Claudy: 02-11-2020

“For a long time I have been called a ‘wool artist’ - a nice name, sweet, non-threatening. But it is also bullshit. I am an activist. I want to encourage people to take action.” - Claudy Jongstra

At Museum De Lakenhal, Claudy Jongstra restores the connection between humankind and nature, between knowledge and material, with a solo exhibition that appeals to all the senses. 

Jongstra’s largest ever woven artwork - NINE - extends across the floor of the main gallery like an earthly landscape, as her diptych - Cosmic Cry  - forms the horizon. The dark, mysterious tones in this powerful installation reference the characteristic deep black and blue colours of the world-famous 'Leiden Laken' cloth. And Woven Skin (2018), a nomadic work that radiates urgent action against the exhaustion of our earth, returns to The Netherlands to be seen for the first time after a world tour.