Claudy Jongstra at restaurant Blue Hill New York

By: Claudy: 10-02-2024

Using natural colours and textures, Studio Claudy Jongstra created extraordinary works of art as tasteful dishes on the farm table of co-owner and award-winning chef Dan Barber's top restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York. She created an installation with five themes: the materials were dyed with walnut shells, rhubarb, onion, sunflower and Burgundy Black whose medieval colour recipes were composed with so-called 'waste materials' obtained by foraging. Jongstra evidently used much of the restaurant waste such as onion peels, but also from other crops from Blue Hill's horticulture, matching the contemporary dishes with local ingredients mainly from its own garden.
The rich installation is complemented by a table runner from Studio Claudy Jongstra's LOADS Collection, made in collaboration with Sekem in Egypt, which grows high-quality Demeter-certified cotton. The installation is a natural and atmospheric complement to the revolutionary, ecological farm-to-table ethos behind every ingredient in every dish.