New Definitions & Tangible Transformations

By: Claudy: 13-12-2023

Claudy Jongstra, organic food cooperative Odin and Galerie Fontana join forces. They will launch the fund 'New Definitions' on 1 January 2024. From here, it will support 'the art of changing direction', a movement against the disappearance of diversity and creativity on the land, in cuisine, culture and fashion. The fund's first goal is to support a patent- and genetic engineering-free organic plant breeding programme that will provide strong and free seed for sustainable organic food production. This will set up pilot fields with farmers who also want to contribute to change.


Especially for New Definitions, Jongstra is creating a series of travelling, monumental artworks with a landscape imagination, entitled Tangible Transformations. Tangible Transformations I can be seen until 14 January 2024 at the exhibition Furtures Pastorales at Museum Disseny Hub BarcelonaMatterfad. Tangible Transformations II can be seen at gallery EENWERK in Amsterdam from 20 January 2024. The third work will be presented for the first time during BioKennnis Week on 17 and 18 January 2024 in Den Bosch at Odin's stand. This last work is even more exuberant in its colourfulness while part of it is deliberately 'uncoloured'. It is still unfilled, naked, vulnerable: metaphorically ready for transformation!

The artworks are for sale; 10% of the proceeds will go to the new fund from which New Definitions will support regenerative agriculture projects.

 All works will have their own passport, specifying where all raw materials come from and how they were made. As the artworks travel around, the passports will be indexed at the various locations, along with resulting projects such as, for example, the collaboration with master students and researchers from Valldaura LABS in Barcelona and the Netherlands, where Jongstra will give a two-day workshop 'Transforming ecosystems' on 12 and 13 January 2024.

New definitions is supported by Iona Stichting.


Studio Claudy Jongstra

8 X 3.60 and 6 x 2.80 m