Solo exhibition Claudy Jongstra at Galería Aina Nowack Madrid

By: Claudy: 24-01-2023

Madrid-based Galería Aina Nowack will present some twenty artworks by Studio Claudy Jongstra during ARCOmadrid, one of the most important international contemporary art fairs held in Spain, from 22-26 February 2023.In her sole exhibition Jongstra shows recent and specially made new works of art under the name Currents. The series of natural landscapes is in line with this year's theme of the fair: 'The Mediterranean: a round sea', focusing on the art scene in the countries around this sea, from north to south and from coast to coast. But it refers also to everything that exists in the cosmos: there is no beginning and end, everything rolls in circular movements and patterns.Jongstra presents among other things 'The Sea Around' (2023), a world consisting of a pure natural landscape surrounded by an intense blue ocean. All works are made with respect for and in collaboration with nature, following an ethical production chain that, as revolving as the world, is circular and transparent. The felted wool of local Drenthe heath sheep is dyed in local well water with local plants that grow on fertile soil, such as the intense indigo blue derived from the Demeter certified woad plant, the soft pink of rhubarb, of wild-picked plants such as Humulus lupulus and the colors from food waste such as onion skin, carrot foliage and walnut shells.

Currents by Studio Claudy Jongstra at Galeria Aina Nowack, C. del Darro, 16, Madrid, February 22-mid April, 2023.