Workshop Transformative ecosystems at Valldaura Labs

By: Claudy: 17-12-2023

On 1 January 2024, artist and eco-activist Claudy Jongstra, organic food cooperative Odin and Galerie Fontana will launch the 'New Definitions' fund, aimed at promoting sustainable organic food production. To this end, Jongstra is creating a series of travelling, colourful landscape artworks entitled 'Tangible Transformations'. From the sale of each artwork, 10% will go to the new fund from which New Definitions will support regenerative agriculture projects. The artworks will have their own passport, specifying where all raw materials come from, how they were made and which will be indexed by location along with the resulting projects.

One of the first initiatives is the collaboration with Valldaura LABS in Barcelona, founded by renowned architect, ecological urban development experts and researcher Vicente Guallart. This inspiring research centre is located in the middle of the Collserola natural park and is dedicated to creating a self-sufficient living environment. Here Jongstra will give a workshop 'Transforming ecosystems' to master students and researchers from Valldaura Labs on 12 and 13 January 2024, including a debate on ecosystems that can offer a hopeful and resilient new future. 

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