living soil - skin of the earth

By: Claudy: 01-11-2018

“Soil is in fact a very vibrant, living community.” Fred Kirschenmann, TEDx Manhattan, 2012
Soil is the living skin of the Earth...this very thin layer where life is possible. ‘Symphony of the Soil’

Living Soil is a dedication by Claudy Jongstra to the tremendous value and generosity of the living skin of our earth, the soil. Felted with the wool from the sheep at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture and colored completely from the bounty of organic plants, roots and nuts from the fecund soil surrounding the studio and the farm in Friesland, The Netherlands. The composition of 8 felted works on wooden panels is striated, echoing the layers of soil in this living skin of the earth. It offers those viewing it or working beside the mural several great powers of organically grown produce. The warming golden yellow is released from humble onion skins during an old natural dye process, and welcomes and comforts you. The indigo supplies us the wisdom of transformation and the magical walnut dye, carrying its own mordant, infuses depth and solidity together with the ancient Dutch heritage pigments the madder root and the woad, all of them brought out fully thanks to the tacit knowledge of the ancient dyeing recipes. 
A mural radiating the great worthiness of our natural resources and celebrating the giving soil as the foundation of all life. Offering us so generously the nourishment critical for proper agriculture and a safe shelter until harvest time for delicious vegetables like here in the Pocantico Hills and brilliant dye plants on our fields in Friesland in The Netherlands.