By: Claudy 07-06-2023

In the run-up to the 25th anniversary of De Veldkeuken, Claudy Jongstra has created three wool felted artworks entitled 'Series of stins', commissioned by Juliette Borggreve and René van der Veer.

  • De Veldkeuken, Landgoed Amelisweerd, Koningslaan 11, Bunnik.
  • Photos Wim Zagt and SCJ
By: Claudy 09-03-2018

Metamorphosis or transformation is the central theme of this work of art. The butterfly is the ultimate symbol of phenomenal transformation, as it breaks free from the grey chrysalis and unfolds its multicolored wings and morphs into an exquisite shape after several stages of development.

  • U.S. Embassy The Hague, Wassenaar, The Netherlands, 2018
  • Size (m): 11.80 x 2.30
  • Material: wool Drenth Heath Sheep, merino wool, silk, mohair, flax
  • Pigments: indigo, madder, cochineal, onion skin
  • Photo credit: Jeroen Musch