Bay Leaf, Private Residence, Amsterdam

The legacy of the bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) as a symbol of wisdom and honor has ancient roots—from Daphne and Apollo to the bay leaf crowns worn by distinguished athletes, poets and scholars. In combination with its natural healing properties, the highly esteemed bay laurel has also been used for protection against diseases as well as natural and man-made disasters. The qualities and colours of the bay leaf as a 'virtuous guardian' are the inspiration behind this artwork for a private home in Amsterdam.

Bay Leaf
Private Residence, Amsterdam with Gallery Fontana
2,35 x 1,15 m
Materials: Drenthe Heath wool, Merino wool, mohair, mulberry silk, tussah silk, silk organza, embroidered with handspun yarns
Pigments: indigo, bay leaf, walnut, onion, mint
Photography by Bas de Jager / Beeldpakket (Courtesy of Galerie Fontana)