Fontana presents solo Claudy Jongstra at Art Island

The Fort Island just off the coast of IJmuiden, will be renamed Art Island during 17-19 May 2024. A boat takes you to the special Unesco world heritage fort where Gallery Fontana presents a solo by artist Claudy Jongstra. 

After Woven Skin (2018) and Guernica de la Ecología (2021), Tangible Transformations (2023-2024) depicts the hopeful sequel. Dressed up in exuberant colours Tangible Transformations serves as a visual manifesto for an alternative future:  Jongstra makes an urgent call to bring colour back into the landscape mutilated by monoculture and restore and preserve biodiversity. Tangible Transformation I depicts a beautiful, vital, blooming and colourful landscape.

Also other unique works like Indulging Warmth, Limelight and Apertura 3 and 4 are on show. So book your ticket and take te boat from IJmuiden (Sluisplein 80) and visit Claudy Jongstra's impressive woolfelted works at Gallery Fontana. 

Friday 17 May: 15PM -21PM

Saturday 18 May: 11AM-18PM

Sunday 19 May: 11AM-18PM





Tangible Transformation IV
Studio Claudy Jongstra, 2024
2.00 X 1.55 m
Drenthe heath wool, Spanish Heritage merino wool, mohair, silk, handspun yarns
Plant-based dyes: woad, madder, weld, walnut, onion
Techniques: felting, plant-based dye, hand embroidery