Golden Glow of Truth, Private Residence, Amsterdam

Featured in Atelier Talks I, Golden Glow of Truth is situated in the heart of a private home in Amsterdam. The artwork’s golden palette represents generosity and warmth as well as integrity and truth, which also references the special history of this house as the place where the Parool newspaper was founded.  

In Atelier Talks I, artist and activist Claudy Jongstra invites you behind the scenes in her atelier in Friesland, The Netherlands, providing insights into her working processes, natural materials and the values that shape her radical artworks. Through making—from plant to colour and fiber to composition—to installation, the film traces the index of this new work of art, Golden Glow of Truth by Claudy Jongstra.

Atelier Talks I presented in collaboration with Galerie Fontana

Film by Lourens Lente. Sound by Kay van Vree

Golden Glow of Truth
Private Residence, Amsterdam with Gallery Fontana
3,80 x 2,50 m (organic shape)
Materials: Drenthe Heath wool, Merino wool, mohair, mulberry silk, tussah silk, embroidered with handspun yarns
Pigments: weld, walnut, chamomile, onion
Photography by Bas de Jager / Beeldpakket (Courtesy of Galerie Fontana)