Symposium and Masterclass Navigating Ecosystems at Bankside Hotel

Claudy Jongstra was not only commissioned to create wool felted window sheers for the Art Yard lounge and restaurant and LOADS Collection bolsters and plaids for the suites of Bankside Hotel in London, the collboration continues. 

On the 12th of June: In the Masterclass by Claudy Jongstra, the artist will explore the fusion of artisanship and sustainability. Together with the participants she discovers how native fabrics, heritage crafmanship, agriculture and time can serve as a medium for sustainability. 

1.00 PM: walk in

1.30 PM: private art viewing with Claudy Jongstra of archival pieces that document the artists' extensive research and 20 years of artistic experience

2.30 PM: Tapa performance by renowned Polynesian Tapa artisan Hinatea Colombani

3.30 PM: exploring the qualities of wool

4.00 pm: concusion and call to action

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On the 13th of June: The symposium investigates new directions and perspectives regarding the societal and ecological positioning of art and design. In collaboration with Central Saint Martins, it will explore the pivotal shift from ego to eco-centric perspectives and transcend disciplinary boudaries to foster innovative collaboration. The question is how we can shape a collaborative and regenerative creative practice for the future.

2.30 PM: walk in

3.00 PM: panel discussion

4.30 PM: engaging in the dialogue

5.00 PM: Closing words and archive exhibition vernisaage

6.00 PM: Opening of the exhibition Natures Imprint

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The exhibition "Natures Imprint, A Journey Through Time and Art" in The White Box - the exhibition space of Banksite Hotel - is initiated by Bankside, together with Contemporary Collective and DegreeArt Galllery.  It showcases a journey through time, art and sustainability. Claudy Jongstra is showing two large wool felted works "Grey Rhythm" and "Waves" that depict the theme well.