Terre et Ciel

 The wool-felted artwork Terre et Ciel (Earth and Sky) takes its title from the surroundings where it was recently installed; the private client's house in the French town of Tourtour. Studio Claudy Jongstra was inspired by the dark earth in the immediate area where many truffles grow and by the clear, bright and sunny sky. The hilly Tourtour is also called 'the little village in the sky', hence the references to the work's title. As in nature, Terre et Ciel is a layered, organically shaped and complex work with lots of color derived from natural dyes from woad, madder, carrot foliage, weld and sunflower seeds. The hand-applied embroidery stitches with silk thread give the artwork a sophisticated layering and subtle movement.  

Studio Claudy Jongstra
Terre et Ciel, 2023
380 X 280 m
Drenthe heath sheep wool, silk
woad, madder, carrot folliage, weld, sunflower seeds