By: Claudy 02-05-2018
The World Premiere of Studio Claudy Jongstra’s monumental sculptural installation features an assemblage of sixty hand-felted textile artworks that evoke a primal architectural impulse. Over the past 20 years, Jongstra has built an artistic practice intertwined with Dutch cultural heritage and the natural cycle of her local environment in rural Friesland.
  • Santa Maria dello Spasimo, Palermo, Collateral Event of Manifesta 12 in collaboration with Villa Valguarnera-Past Forward
  • Zeefgebouw (De Suiker), Energieweg 10, 9743 AN Groningen
  • Materials: wool of the Drenthe Heath sheep, merino wool, mohair, silk, cotton
  • Pigments: madder, cochineal, walnut
  • Photo credit: Jeroen Musch