By: Claudy: 02-05-2018
The World Premiere of Studio Claudy Jongstra’s monumental sculptural installation features an assemblage of sixty hand-felted textile artworks that evoke a primal architectural impulse. Over the past 20 years, Jongstra has built an artistic practice intertwined with Dutch cultural heritage and the natural cycle of her local environment in rural Friesland. Native Drenthe Heath sheep and a biodynamic dye garden provide both the material and inspirational foundations of her oeuvre.  The installation, in felt and steel, reveals a complex natural dye palette on its labyrinthine surface. The rich Dutch history of color enters into dialogue with contemporary issues of biodiversity, community, and dissemination of knowledge, particularly in relation to art-making and agricultural practices. The raw industrial factory space provides a provocative launching pad for the two-year international journey of WOVEN SKIN.

Hosted by the Waste No Waste Factory for European Cultural Capital 2018, we would like to thank Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds, Maharam, LF2018, Gemeente Groningen and Provincie Groningen for their support. Special thanks to Mr. Feike Sijbesma, an essential ally of the project, and CEO Royal DSM, the Dutch Life Science and Materials Science company active in health, nutrition and material research.
Location: Zeefgebouw (De Suiker), Energieweg 10, 9743 AN Groningen Coordinates: 53°12'39.4"N 6°32'37.0”E  
Open Tuesday till Saturday 11 - 17h and Friday, Sunday 11 - 19h Closed Mondays (except May 21) and Saturday, May 5