Southern Fertility for Vaderland

By: Claudy: 12-10-2023

In Vaderland, the new gourmet farm with its own vegetable garden in Nederwetten on the Dommel river, the monumental artwork 'Southern Fertility' recently filled an entire wall of the restaurant. Artist Claudy Jongstra created this wool-felted work commissioned by the owners of Vaderland: Lianne van Genugten, Design Academy Eindhoven design graduate and fifth-generation farmer's daughter, and chef and wild picker Joep Brekelmans. The warm colours, vibrancy and movement of the work fit the place like a glove. With the title, Jongstra refers to the strength and vitality of the earth: without fertile soil, there is no healthy ecosystem. 

With this, they find each other in a shared vision they both propagate, such as caring for the land,  fertile soil, biodiversity, regenerative agriculture and using as many seasonal ingredients from one's own land as possible. Eco-activist Claudy Jongstra does so in her studio and with partner Claudia Busson from her biodynamic farm and botanical plant garden in the far north. And Lianne and Joep from Vaderland in the south. 

Photo: Cindy Willems