Claudy Jongstra's first solo exhibition at Galería Aina Noiwack in Madrid

By: Claudy: 03-03-2023

In an atmospheric domestic setting, Claudy Jongstra's first solo exhibition 'Currents' in Spain opened in the presence of the many staff members of the Dutch Embassy in Spain. In the home annex gallery Galeria Aina Nowack in Madrid, Studio Claudy Jongstra shows some 20 existing and a number of specially created new wool-felted artworks . With this, 'Currents' has become a mini-oeuvre exhibition. In the film the artist and activist talks amongst other things about her initiative to revitalize the rural areas of Spain, one of the main wool country's in Europe. Currents by Studio Claudy Jongstra at Galeria Aina Nowack, C. del Darro, 16, Madrid, 24 February - 17 May 2023.