The Gift of Colour

By: Claudy: 08-01-2021

Studio Claudy Jongstra and Extended Ground join forces with the Municipality of Amsterdam and ROC TOP to introduce The Gift of Colour. Founded on the pillars of ecology, inclusivity, hope and a local maker-industry, The Gift of Colour begins in Amsterdam's Nelson Mandela Park as a model designed to expand for application in cities across the globe.

Gardens cultivated in underserved urban areas and cared for by the local community, will produce natural dye plants. The botanical colours from these plants will be the foundation of an innovative fashion project driven by the creativity and voices of young people from the same community.

The Gift of Colour is founded on the pillars of ecology, inclusivity, hope and a local maker-industry. Each city will partner with a fashion brand that is interested in recalibrating the future of their company to a different kind of pace and forging a sustainable working future for their brand. Collaborating brands will have the opportunity to pioneer an innovative approach to urban thriving in which fashion plays a pivotal role in building sustainable and resilient communities for future generations.

Film by Bas Berkhout / Birchwood Films