Truth and Beauty in Black, Mingei International Museum

‘Truth and Beauty in Black’ permanent art installation commissioned by Jennifer Luce of Luceetstudio for the reopening of the Mingei International Museum in San Diego in September 2021. Creation took 3 years, including research in collaboration with Artechne into the complex and intriguing colour Burgundian Black that goes back to a medieval recipe that has been rediscovered and reconstructed by Studio Claudy Jongstra. 

At first glance, the colour appears completely monotone black, after closer examination intensely rich variations begin to reveal themselves. 

The 36-foot long and 5-feet high artwork is located in the newly renovated Bistro of the Mingei International Museum providing a warm, softening, yet contemporary element to the space acting also as an acoustic divergent, dampening sound. 

Jongstra’s ‘Truth and Beauty in Black’ aims to engage with the museum’s diverse collection in order to inspire a renewed appreciation for the historic interconnectivity between humanity, material, culture and environment.

Title: "Truth and Beauty in Black"
Mingei International Museum, San Diego, USA
Photos by Paul Rivera for New York Times and Team Mingei

Create a better world through authenticity

International master students from Lidewij Edelkoort at the renowed Polimoda in Florence, were the first textile students to visit the new extension of Studio Claudy Jongstra: LOADS, October last year. Here on the biodynamic farm De Kreake in rural Friesland, between the flock of indigenous Drenthe heat sheep, botanical dye garden, green house and the workshops of the studio, the group attended a four-day masterclass Claudy Jongstra and Philip Fimmano developed together: ‘Farm to Fabric to Fashion’. They made this beautiful film.

Thanks polimodafirenze, Lidewij Edelkoort, Philip Fimmano, Priya Deep, Luna Mercadini, Georgia Pfaff, Sabrina Stadlober, Loïs Emy van der Weert and Marinela Yzellari


Colour of Movements

Colour of Movements is an exuberant landscape in which fertile soil and a lush vegetation of bushes, trees and flowers form an almost utopian world. The warm, vibrant and layered color palette which can only be obtained with natural dyes, creates an explosion of color in this diverse landscape. A paradise we long for in the current time when our landscape suffers from a lack of biodiversity. 

This is how colorful, beautiful and vital nature is when we treat it with respect and protect it. That is the message of the artpiece made of felted wool, dyed with plant pigments that Studio Claudy Jongstra created for the internationally known novelist and screenplay writer Lot Vekemans. Colours of Movements blends seamlessly into the environment in which she lives: a nature reserve.



@ Claudy Jongstra, Colour of Movements, 2022
2.10 X 2.00 m
Drenthe heath sheep wool, walnut, madder root, Demeter certified woad, onion skin, weld

Solo exhibition Claudy Jongstra at Galería Aina Nowack Madrid

Madrid-based Galería Aina Nowack will present some twenty artworks by Studio Claudy Jongstra during ARCOmadrid, one of the most important international contemporary art fairs held in Spain, from 22-26 February 2023.In her sole exhibition Jongstra shows recent and specially made new works of art under the name Spiritual Cosmos. The series of natural landscapes is in line with this year's theme of the fair: 'The Mediterranean: a round sea', focusing on the art scene in the countries around this sea, from north to south and from coast to coast. But it refers also to everything that exists in the cosmos: there is no beginning and end, everything rolls in circular movements and patterns.Jongstra presents among other things 'The Sea Around' (2023), a world consisting of a pure natural landscape surrounded by an intense blue ocean. All works are made with respect for and in collaboration with nature, following an ethical production chain that, as revolving as the world, is circular and transparent. The felted wool of local Drenthe heath sheep is dyed in local well water with local plants that grow on fertile soil, such as the intense indigo blue derived from the Demeter certified woad plant, the soft pink of rhubarb, of wild-picked plants such as Humulus lupulus and the colors from food waste such as onion skin, carrot foliage and walnut shells.

Spiritual Cosmos by Studio Claudy Jongstra at Galeria Aina Nowack, C. del Darro, 16, Madrid, February 22-mid April, 2023.



Claudy Jongstra, The Sea Around, 2023
2.30 -1.75 m
Drenthe Heath wool, raw silks, organic merino wool, naturally dyed in local well water with Demeter Certified woad, indigo, weld, walnut shells, gallnut, madder root, rhubarb

Claudy Jongstra X Nyetimber

Artist Claudy Jongstra and Nyetimber winemakers Cherie Spriggs and Brad Greatrix started a fruitful collaboration. Not only because fertile soil is essential for both the quality and taste of the wines and for the vibrancy and vitality of the color palette of Jongstra's wool felted works of art. As in 'Earth and Humanity in Harmony', which the artist designed especially for Nyetimber, the colors sparkle like wine.

They also share a common vision in the ways of working and producing. Nyetimber from the countryside in the south of England, where it makes sparkling wines from grapes from its own vineyard in a traditional, time-consuming way, Jongstra from the northern Frisian countryside, where she creates her wool felted artworks in a labour-intensive, manual way with local sheep's wool from rare Drenthe heath sheep and dye plants from her own garden.

Cheers to the love for the craft and nature and watch the video Nyetimber made with Claudy Jongstra:


The Future Perfect presents Claudy Jongstra at Design Miami

The Future Perfect is presenting a magical design world at Design Miami 2022 and Studio Claudy Jongstra is part of that. Jongstra created a special one-of-a-kind oval piece for the contemporary design gallery: ‘Natural’ is a more than four meters long handmade soft rug made of felted white and off-white Drenthe heath sheep’s wool. On show works by Claudy Jongstra, Ben & Aja Blanc, Bradley Bowers, Chen Chen & Kai, Chris Wolston, Piet Hein Eek, Floris Wubben, Cody Hoyt, Studio Herron, Ian Collings, John Hogan, Karl Zahn, Yaya Situation, Seungjin Yang. 

The Future Perfect at Design Miami, booth G09, Miami Beach Convention Center, November 30- December 4, 2022. 


Photo’s: @ Joe Kramm

LimeLights in Museum Kranenburgh

Marianne van Gils, who will soon step aside as curator and head of collections at Museum Kraneburgh in Bergen, put together another exhibition entitled: 'Waar de zee licht is’. Featuring works from its own collection artists from the ‘Bergense School’ who expressively capture what they perceive visually, through artists such as Edgar Fernhout who paints his perception of natural phenomena such as light and color, to contemporary artists whose artworks depict their involvement and concerns about the fate of the world. Van Gils has supplemented the works with loans from museums, institutions and private individuals. One such artwork on which she wanted to shine the light - literally - is LimeLights, a sister to Studio Claudy Jongstra's larger traveling Guernica de la Ecología. The imposing and expressive handcrafted work of felted wool from Drenthe heath sheep, is dyed with natural dye plants from its own botanical garden in Friesland. The recipes for the colors come from sources from the 15th to the 18th century, for which the studio collaborates with scientists from the University of Utrecht and Amsterdam. 

Waar de zee licht is, On display until April 10, 2023

Claudy Jongstra, LimeLights, 2021
Drenthe heath sheep and merino wool, mohair, silk, cotton, madder, onion peels, St John's wort, walnut, wow
2.95 x 3.40 m
Courtesy of Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam

Claudy Jongstra and The Future Perfect New York

 The Future Perfect is presenting Claudy Jongstra for the first time!  The gallery, with locations in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, showed the one-of-a-kind rug Naturalin it’s white and off-white Drenth Heath sheep's wool with a little silkat the Salon| Art + Design fair in New York City at the park Avenue Armory. From 10-14 November, Salon presented the world’s best vintage, modern and contemporary design and art from international renowned galleries; the Future Perfect presented a beautiful and fanciful world with a dining table and chairs on Claudy Jongstra’s rug, a mirror, cabinet, glass and ceramics from international artists like Chen & Kai Williams, Karl Zahn, Eric Roinestad, Reinaldo Sanguino, John Hogan, Chris Wolston, Floris Wubben, and FreelingWaters.

Photo's Joe Kramm

Anza Borrego for BioMed Realty’s Oberlin campus in San Diego

As if Anza Borrego has always been there; the 22-meter-long mural composed of felted wool in a vibrant botanical dye color palette fits so naturally with the space and the environment. Studio Claudy Jongstra created this art piece for the research community at the café of BioMed Realty’s Oberlin campus in San Diego, California. BioMed tries to find new ways to predict and prevent cancer, diabetes, and HIV infection, while the artwork contributes to a healthy, inspiring, and welcoming environment. At the same time the artwork is inspired by and harmonious with the surrounding landscape. Studio Claudy Jongstra aims to connect with the nearby Anza-Borrego Desert, Anza Borrego reflects the natural geographical environment where the ‘Borrego’, a Spanish word for sheep, are the desert’s indigenous and now endangered inhabitants, the Desert Bighorn sheep. It relates to Jongstra who also works with wool from a rare flock of indigenous Drenthe heath sheep.


VPRO idents Claudy Jongstra

On display during Dutch Design Week (22- 30 October): seven idents by the VPRO, including two new idents from Claudy Jongstra. Outside on the site of Sectie-C people could visit the VPRO Sculpture Garden exhibition of the idents in collaboration with Streetart Frankey.

These short animations at the beginning and end of a TV program ensure recognizability of the sender and were made by Dutch artists from different disciplines at the request of the VPRO. Studio Claudy Jongstra has made two beautiful autonomous works of art of three and five seconds in which she has depicted her vision of the VPRO in her own way.

An ident is about the preservation of cultural heritage, the careful handling of the richness of nature and the beauty and value of natural materials such as wool. Jongstra offers this raw material, which is seen as a waste product in many countries, a well deserved stage. The other ident puts the spotlight on woad, the pigment plant that Jongstra, together with biodynamic farmers, has started growing again after a hundred years of absence. The plant produces an intensely beautiful blue dye in a dye bath that flows and colors as freely as before. 

Claudy Jongstra: creation

Bas Berkhout: creative advise

Jan van der Ven: camera, montage

Harry de Wit: music

Eabel Jongstra: figurant

Munir de Vries, Maison the Faux, Job, Joris & Marieke, Annegien Schilling, Jaap Drupsteen, Aisha Madu, Shertise Solano and Claudy Jongstra, will be released on TV from January 1, 2023

You can also see the idents here:



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