By: Claudy 04-10-2016

Commissioned to hang in the new foyer of the Rechtbank Amsterdam, 'Human Pulsations' depicts rhythmic, engrossing lines that represent the collective beat of the human pulse. In an environment of constant activity and high emotion, this piece provides a moment of mental rest.  


  • Rechtbank, Amsterdam, NL 2016
  • corporate commission
  • Size: 6.5m x 2m
  • Material: Wool, silk, mohair, natural dyes
By: Claudy 08-09-2016

Created for the Kapor Center for Social Impact in San Francisco, this tapestry is one of the largest the studio has created. It is inspired by the weaving together of people and technology for the betterment of the community as well as the rich and diverse heritage of the city expressed through its street art.

  • Kapor Center for Social Impact, San Fransisco, CA 2016
  • Commissioned by Fougeron Architecture, San Francisco USA
  • Size: 8.06m x 2.62m
  • Materials: wool, silk, natural dyes
By: Claudy 08-09-2016

In addition to the 15 felted silk panels in the Foundations fine art collection, two large tapestries from Studio Claudy Jongstra hang on the walls of the Garden Café at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.

  • Garden Café at Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA 2015
  • corporate commission
  • Size: 15.05m x 2.6m, 4.65m x 2.6m
  • Material: Wool, silk, natural dyes