Podcast Philip Steiner X Claudy Jongstra

Philip Steiner, the passionate general manager of Bankside Hotel in London talks about his career, drives and also about his special and fruitful collaboration with Claudy Jongstra with whom he shares three pillars of the hotel: sustainability, art and building community. 
The artist created two remarkable and aesthetic wool-felted canvases that give the Art Yard Bar and the restaurant's private space a warm and intimate feel as well as improving acoustics. In the podcast, he praises Jongstra's works Lost & Found and Wahed Ashore with the words "mesmerising" and "stunning". Listen to the Sustainable Hotels Podcast yourself from 35 minutes onwards.

Photo: Viktor Kerry

Claudy Jongstra at Akademie van Kunsten Festival

To celebrate 10 years of Akademie van Kunsten, we delve in Claudy Jongstra’s extensive archive for the Academie van Kunsten Festival at the KNAW in Amsterdam, from 12 t/m 14 June. The exhibition in “De Kunstenkamer” will highlight exceptional crafmanship and provide an exclusive glimpse into more that 20 years of artistic practice. It shows the in-depth exploration of Jongstra’s oeuvre including iconic archival pieces, samples, items and samples of LOADS Collection and the center piece: Woven Skin (2018). The traveling, monumental sculptural installation that questions contemporary issues of biodiversity, community, and dissemination of knowledge, has not been presented since the artist’s solo exhibition in Museum De Lakenhal in 2020.

On Friday June 14 (20.30PM) Claudy Jongstra will participate in a panel discussion together with Merle Koomans van de Dries, director of Odinfoodcoop and Edith Lammerts van Bueren, Honorary Professor of Organic Plant Breeding at WageningenUniversity.

 For more information and tickets, please visit akademievankunsten 

Photo: Ronald Tilleman

Feature on Claudy Jongstra in Domus magazine, June 2024

This feature on Claudy Jongstra is published in the Ecoworld supplement to the June issue of the prestigious Italian magazine Domus (no 1091). Thanks to the Domus team and journalist Paola Carimati for the in-depth insight into Jongstra's 20-year career, her outspoken vision and countless achievements, such as building a biodynamic farming network based on fair trade with small agricultural cooperatives and the development of a virtuous business model that grows natural dyes, helps vulnerable communities and moves the economy forward in an innovative and planet-friendly way. A model that is an exportable form of regeneration that can be applied anywhere, ideally in rural areas. The LOADS Collection and monumental textile artworks that act as manifestos of biodiversity and messengers of change. 

Read the full article published in Domus no. 1091, 2024 - Courtesy of Archivio Domus - © Editoriale Domus S.p.A. In store from Wednesday June 5 2024!

Natures Imprint exhibition in Bankside Hotel London

We would like to invite you to the opening of “Nature’s Imprint: A Journey Through Time and Art” on the 13th of June (6-8pm) new exhibition showcases a journey through time, art and sustainability and is initiated by the Bankside team and Contemporary Collective and DegreeArt Gallery in Bankside’s The White Box exhibition space. 

Nature’s Imprint delves into the profound and intricate relationship between nature, sustainability, and artistic expression. It explores how artists engage with environmental concerns, reimagining materials and themes inspired by the natural world. The exhibition serves as a platform for dialogue, inviting viewers to reflect on their connection to the environment and the role of art in advocating for sustainable practices. Artist Claudy Jongstra is showing two large wool felted works "Grey Rhythm" and "Waves" that depict the theme well. 


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Restaurant BAK returns to Studio Claudy Jongstra

After a succesful Farm to Table dinner Restaurant BAK is coming back to Friesland: Chef Benny Blisto will host a six-course dinner at Studio Claudy Jongstra on the 5th of July. Blisto, Jongstra and her partner, gardener Claudia Busson, share a common vision about alternative, future-proof biodynamic farming projects and the value of community vegetable and plant gardens in urban and rural areas. Restaurant Bak, run by Blisto, Piet Sanders and sommelier Alessandro da Fies, only works with the best seasonal biodynamic products from passionate local farmers, hunters, fishermen and gardeners. Now he goes in search of the best local ingredients from Friesland and combines them with herbs and vegetables from Jongstra's and Busson's biodynamic garden in Húns. Claudy Jongstra shows the 50 guests around and talks about teh eco-concious interior and design initiative LOADS Collection, she started together with son Jesk Jongstra.


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