Claudy Jongstra premieres new initiative WEVED at Salone del Mobile 2022

The Dutch appreciation for wool as a material has declined since the booming local industry of the 17th century when Leiden was the heart of the global textile market. The laecken (cloth) remained a central commodity in the Dutch market for over seven centuries.
Today, with no industry to use it, 1.5 million kilogrammes of sheep’s wool are burned each year in the Netherlands as it has become a simple waste product of our agricultural practice. Claudy Jongstra is campaigning to revitalise the local wool industry through the creation of her new initiative WEVED. Created alongside Stefan Ernest Koper, WEVED is a wool and natural woven company based in the north of the Netherlands. Filling the gap in the Dutch industrial landscape for wool, WEVED will harness the potential of waste wool by collaborating with designers to create quality products out of the timeless material.
From the 7th to the 12th of June, WEVED premiered at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan as as part of ‘Masterly – the Dutch in Milan’, an exhibition curated by Nicole Uniquole at the historic Palazzo Turati. WEVED will be premiering two products created in collaboration with Regained, a new social design brand, and Studio Floris Schoonderbeek.

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Claudy Jongstra at Museum De Lakenhal (Oct. 30 2020 - Aug. 29 2021)


At Museum De Lakenhal, Claudy Jongstra restores the connection between humankind and nature, between knowledge and material, with a solo exhibition that appeals to all the senses. 

Jongstra’s largest ever woven artwork - NINE - extends across the floor of the main gallery like an earthly landscape, as her diptych - Cosmic Cry  - forms the horizon. The dark, mysterious tones in this powerful installation reference the characteristic deep black and blue colours of the world-famous 'Leiden Laken' cloth. And Woven Skin (2018), a nomadic work that radiates urgent action against the exhaustion of our earth, returns to The Netherlands to be seen for the first time after a world tour.

Photography ©Monique Shaw

FOUR at Limburgs Museum (Oct. 9 2020 - Aug. 29 2021)


Situated just footsteps from the shore of the Maas, the Limburgs Museum pays homage to this mighty body of water, of life. At the request of curator Servé Hermans (artistic director of Toneelgroep Maastricht), visual artist Claudy Jongstra partakes in this homage with a piece entitled FOUR. Four moods of the river are reflected with four idioms in wool - mighty, saturated, luminous and tidal. Each idiom, unearthed from the margins of the Maas, is expressed in four distinct compositional styles and natural colour palettes. Derived from indigenous dye plant species cultivated and foraged in Limburg, each colour palette embodies particular “gebiedseigen” qualities of the regional landscape. Wool, the body of the work, is local kempisch sheep's wool sourced in collaboration with a holistic land conservation organisation - rendering FOUR an artwork that describes the diversity of the Maas in both character and ecology.

In this installation, FOUR encircles a sculptural installation piece by artist Berlinde de Bruyckere. Unknown until recently, a mass grave of war horses was discovered on the brinks of the Maas. De Bruyckere symbolically addresses this event through a carnal, decayed depiction of the animal, whilst the circling motion of FOUR sparks a dialogue between the two artworks.

The canvases of FOUR face the perished being like an altarpiece looking over a saint’s relic, enfolding it in a protective embrace, a womb’s nurture. Four moments, four natures, four moods of the Maas - muse, monster, murderer and mother.

Photography: ©Jeroen Musch

Inner Vitality at Rijksmuseum Twenthe


On 5 July 2020, Rijksmuseum Twenthe became immersed in Claudy Jongstra’s 'Inner Vitality’ exhibition. Jongstra transformed the museum's so-called "green lab" inner courtyard into a botanical dyers' garden, and developed a 400-square-meter spatial installation for the gallery space. Throughout the museum, new artworks and a selection of works from Jongstra's archive create a dialogue between Jongstra's artistic practicethe permanent collection at Rijksmuseum Twenthe, and the ecological history and potential futures of the local region.

Two new permanent artworks by Jongstra grace the entrance hall of the museum. These two large-scale woolen tapestries - titled 'Identity Diptych' - reflect the agricultural history of Twenthe and envision future possibilities for the landscape. The dyers' crops used to create the colour palette for this diptych are reflected in the museum's new botanical dyers' garden.

Watch the virtual opening, broadcast live on 5 July, 2020 by local broadcaster 1 Twente.

Graphic design by Studio Kader


Duurzaam partnerschap Alfa-college X Claudy Jongstra 2020-2023

Het Alfa-college gaat een langdurige samenwerking aan met kunstenaar Claudy Jongstra. Door middel van educatieve programma’s, workshops en masterclasses gaan studenten en medewerkers van de MBO-instelling met Jongstra aan slag. De thema’s: natuur en techniek, duurzaamheid en circulariteit, mentale en fysieke vitaliteit zijn de verbindende schakels om samen concrete meerwaarde te creëren voor een duurzame wereld. Het partnerschap start in september 2020 en loopt tot en met studiejaar 2023.


Louise Hompe, Innovatie coach bij Alfa-college: "Ik gun het iedere student en collega om geïnspireerd te worden door de zoektocht naar de oorsprong van kleuren, geuren en materialen en de samenhang tussen natuur en techniek te ontdekken". 
Claudy Jongstra, kunstenaar en activist: "Een duurzame verandering naar een sociale en ecologische transitie begint bij het onderwijs". 
Wim Moes, voorzitter College van Bestuur Alfa-college: "Samen creëren wij meerwaarde voor een betere wereld door de innovatieve waarde van het ambacht te herontdekken op weg naar een circulaire en vitale toekomst".


Foto credit: Studio Claudy Jongstra en Melissa Schriek