Claudy Jongstra's inspiratie: Antoni Tàpies

Like textile artist Magdalena Abakanowicz, Catelan artist Antoni Tàpies (1923-2012) is a great inspiration for Claudy Jongstra. The exhibition 'Tàpies. The Zen imprint' at Fundació Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona, shows the intriguing work he created between 1960 and 1980 consisting mainly of varnish and ink on wood, cardboard, canvas and paper.
In the canvas Transformació N. 6,327, he refers to his inspiration: works by Japanese monks, such as Hakuin Ekaku, who revived and renewed the practice of Zen in Japan around the 18th century and expressed his knowledge through texts, calligraphy, and paintings, integrating the study of koans and the practice of meditation. Like Yves Klein and Joan Miró, Tàpies was attracted by these texts. He was not a Buddhist, but his knowledge of Buddhist teachings and perspectives shaped his view of the world and of art.
Whereas Jongstra's hands contain all the knowledge and intuitively guide her in the creative process, Tàpies used the beautiful word 'childlikeness' for the intuitive way of working, a training in 'the art of self-forgetfulness', with his hands and feet acting as brushes. The artists show similarities in their engagement; eco-activist Jongstra creates manifest artworks with social messages about treating the earth more carefully. In Tàpies' work, themes of war, apartheid, human rights, and freedom dominate.

Al igual que la artista textil Magdalena Abakanowicz, el artista catalán Antoni Tàpies (1923-2012) es una gran inspiración para Claudy Jongstra. La exposición 'Tapies. La huella Zen' de la Fundació Antoni Tàpies de Barcelona, muestra la intrigante obra que creó entre 1960 y 1980 compuesta principalmente de barniz y tinta sobre madera, cartón, lienzo y papel.
En el lienzo Transformació N. 6.327 hace referencia a su inspiración: obras de monjes japoneses, como Hakuin Ekaku, que revivió y renovó la práctica del Zen en Japón hacia el siglo XVIII y expresó sus conocimientos a través de textos, caligrafía y pinturas, integrando el estudio de los koans y la práctica de la meditación. Al igual que Yves Klein y Joan Miró, Tàpies se sintió atraído por estos textos. No era budista, pero su conocimiento de las enseñanzas y perspectivas budistas moldearon su visión del mundo y del arte.
Mientras que las manos de Jongstra contienen todo el conocimiento y la guían intuitivamente en el proceso creativo, Tàpies utilizó la hermosa palabra 'infantilidad' para referirse a la forma intuitiva de trabajar, un entrenamiento en 'el arte del olvido de sí mismo', con sus manos y pies actuando como cepillos. Los artistas muestran similitudes en su compromiso; la ecoactivista Jongstra crea obras de arte manifiestas con mensajes sociales sobre cómo tratar la tierra con más cuidado. En la obra de Tàpies dominan los temas de la guerra, el apartheid, los derechos humanos y la libertad.

Fundació Antoni Tapies, until 23 June 2024
Musée d'Art Moderne de Céret, until 30 June 2024

Exhibition Tangible Transformation II at galerie EENWERK

Claudy Jongstra
EENWERK Gallery Amsterdam

Tangible Transformation II
Opening Saturday 20 January 2024 (13-18 pm)
Preview by invitation Friday 19 January 2024

Untill 30 March 2024


(in collaboration with galerie FONTANA)

Tangible Transformation II is part of Cycles of Growth, an unique collaboration between Studio Claudy Jongstra and EENWERK: the seeds are planted, the dye plants like calendula, coreopsis and sunlower are cultivated and harvested in the greenhouse of the gallery and used to dye the wool of this vibrant, warm and colourful monumental hand felted artpiece that will be displayed in its full glory. Tangible Transformation II is part of a series of travelling monumental artworks Jongstra created as a visual manifesto with powerful eco-political messages. Tangible Transformation serves as a conversation piece for an alternative future: it calls for awareness and action to protect our ecosystem. She said, "Working with the amazing material wool is not about nostalgia but about innovation. We use wool and dye plants from both Spain and the Netherlands, creating new communities to vitalise farming life. Together, we are creating a new future." 

Tangible Transformation II, Studio Claudy Jongstra, 2023

Drenthe Heath Wool, Spanish Heritage Merino Wool, Mohair, Silk, Handspun yarns

Demeter certified woad, sunflower, calendula coreopsis, madderroot, walnut

Colloquium with Claudy Jongstra at Disseny Hub Barcelona

In the final days of the current exhibition 'Pastoral Futures. The migrations of wool' (till Januari 21, 2024), MATERFAD, Materials Centre of Barcelona, in collaboration with EINA, University Centre of Design and Art of Barcelona, organises a colloquium on 11 January 2024 in which artist and eco-activist Claudy Jongstra and Anna Vivero from the project 'Tornen les esquelles' will engage in a conversation with six experts from different fields. They will discuss the unsustainable ecological, cultural and economic situation associated with the disappearance of the important traditional pastoral (shepherding) culture, but also the potential of wool, a high-quality material that can help shape an alternative future in the context of this pastoral culture. Wool has been a guiding material in Jongstra's artistic practice for decades, which she uses for her monumental felted tapestries of which the first artwork in the Tangible Transformations series will be exhibited at museum Disseny Hub Barcelona. A work dressed up in exuberant colours that serves as a manifesto for an alternative future: it constitutes a call for awareness to do something to protect and preserve our ecosystem and realise a more biodiverse landscape.

Participants in the colloquium include Angel Amurrio of Entheos, a biodynamic farm in Spain where they together with Claudy Jongstra cultivate dye plants for dyeing her wool. Also Fernando García Dory (Inland), Gemma Salvador (Llanatura) and Vicente Guallart (IAAC - Valldaura Labs) with Robert D. Thompson Casas, scientific director of MATERFAD and Pilar Cortada, director of Eina Obra as moderators.


Image: @ XavierPadrós 


18.30-18.40 Claudy Jongstra & Angel Amurrio (Entheos)
18.40-18.50 Angel Amurrio & Anna Vivero (Tornen les esquelles)
18.50-19.05 Anna Vivero & Fernando García Dory (Inland) <streaming>
19:05-19:15 Fernando García Dory & Gemma Salvador (Llanatura)
19.15-19.25 Gemma Salvador & Vicente Guallart (IAAC Valldaura Labs)
19.25-19.35 Vicente Guallart & Claudy Jongstra (Studio Claudy Jongstra)

19.35-20.30 Networking & drinks

Date: 11 January 2024

Time: 18:30 hs 

Location: Disseny Hub Barcelona 

Pl. de les Glòries, 37-38 



Masterclasses for Change 2024

 Outside a flock of indigenous Drenthe Heath sheep is grazing and historical dye crops are cultivated in the botanical garden. Inside in LOADS, the extension of Claudy Jongstra’s studio that serves as a creative hub for collaboration and education across diverse disciplines, it is time for Masterclasses for Change.After the successful series, there will be new possibilities to join the Masterclasses in 2024: on January 26, March 22 and May 3.Would you like to discover how traditional knowledge and crafts shape a more resilient future? And would you like to experience, exchange, collaborate and experiment through various workshops such as wool felting, spinning, weaving, plantbased dyeing and watercolor painting? Then please subscribe (mentioning the date you wish to participate): 


Dates: January 26, March 22, May 3, 2024

Participants: 20 p max; 350 pp.

Time: 10.30-11.00: Introduction, tea, coffee and homemade sweets 

11am-13: wool felting, spinning, weaving, plantbased dyeing and watercolor painting 

13-13.45: organic lunch with holistic chef Katrien van der Eerden 

13.45-15.30: continue development and creation 

15.30-16: debate, discussion, and call to action



Lytse Buorren 23, Spannum, Friesland 

Claudy Jongstra with Galerie Fontana at PAN Amsterdam

From 19 till 26 November 2023 Galerie Fontana is pleased to participate in the 36th edition of PAN Amsterdam, the largest national art fair in the Netherlands. This year the central theme of the presentation is ‘Nature’, with special attention to the works of artist Claudy Jongstra and conceptual photographer Ruud van Empel. The works match and strenghten each other well. Claudy Jongstra is presenting her beautiful and unique wool felted and naturally dyed art pieces, landscapes in vividly brilliant and shimmering hues entitled ‘Indulgencing Warmth’ (1.00 X 1.40 m) and ‘Lime Light Organic’ (1.50 x 2.45 m), made with Drenth Heath and Merino Wool, Mohair, Linnen, Silk and Cotton. Like to see the works? Visit Galerie Fontana at booth 74.

Image: detail of Indulgencing Warmth