Washed Ashore and Lost & Found for Bankside Hotel London

By: Claudy: 10-01-2024

For Bankside Hotel, set on the culturally vibrant South Bank of London on the majestic river The Thames, Claudy Jongstra is developing 'Washed Ashore' and Lost & Found. Both series of works refer to the 'mudlarkers', a kind of beachcombers who in the 18th and 19th centuries collected and sold objects washed up along the Thames as treasures. The title also refers to the feeling of being in transit and at ease in the unfamiliar surroundings in which travellers and hotel guests find themselves. Washed Ashore is a matching series of five semi-transparent wool-felted hangings in the warm colours of walnut, onion, indigo and madder root that give the restaurant a cozy and protected feel while also providing contact with the street. The works refer visually to the tranquil repeating blue-grey ripples of the river and the bow wave left by boats on the water's surface. The hangings are also about a state of being, the calm after the storm, and confidently waiting for what is to come, surrounded by the hues of water, sky and shore. 

The works entitled Lost & Found will be developed for the hotel's private dining room. The hangings breathe the same atmosphere but the colours wil be lighter. Also for the seven suites of the hotel, Jongstra will create an exclusive series of high-quality biodynamic interior products such as cushions, plaids and dressing gowns (the 'Bankside Banyan') for LOADS Collection, which will provide an impetus to the sustainable change that the hotel aspires to.