Art piece Aardewarmte

By: Claudy: 11-04-2023

Like looking out on a heavenly earth from above that is full of movement: of the swaying trees, lush plants, colorful blooming flowers, and meandering rivers. A natural landscape above which shreds of clouds float, shaded by a warm evening sun. Commissioned by good friend Bert van Ruitenbeek, director of Stichting Demeter (which provides the quality mark for biodynamic agriculture and food), Claudy Jongstra created the wool felted artpiece called 'Aardewarmte' that now adorns a wall of his house. One of the colors used by Studio Claudy Jongstra to dye the wool is appropriately sourced from the Demeter-certified dye plant woad, which the biodynamic farmers at Odin farm de Beersche Hoeve in Brabant have started to cultivate again after a hundred years of absence in the Dutch landscape.