VPRO idents Claudy Jongstra

On display during Dutch Design Week (22- 30 October): seven idents by the VPRO, including two new idents from Claudy Jongstra. Outside on the site of Sectie-C people could visit the VPRO Sculpture Garden exhibition of the idents in collaboration with Streetart Frankey.

These short animations at the beginning and end of a TV program ensure recognizability of the sender and were made by Dutch artists from different disciplines at the request of the VPRO. Studio Claudy Jongstra has made two beautiful autonomous works of art of three and five seconds in which she has depicted her vision of the VPRO in her own way.

An ident is about the preservation of cultural heritage, the careful handling of the richness of nature and the beauty and value of natural materials such as wool. Jongstra offers this raw material, which is seen as a waste product in many countries, a well deserved stage. The other ident puts the spotlight on woad, the pigment plant that Jongstra, together with biodynamic farmers, has started growing again after a hundred years of absence. The plant produces an intensely beautiful blue dye in a dye bath that flows and colors as freely as before. 

Claudy Jongstra: creation

Bas Berkhout: creative advise

Jan van der Ven: camera, montage

Harry de Wit: music

Eabel Jongstra: figurant

Munir de Vries, Maison the Faux, Job, Joris & Marieke, Annegien Schilling, Jaap Drupsteen, Aisha Madu, Shertise Solano and Claudy Jongstra, will be released on TV from January 1, 2023

You can also see the idents here: