By: Claudy 08-01-2021

Studio Claudy Jongstra and Extended Ground join forces with the Municipality of Amsterdam and ROC TOP to introduce The Gift of Colour. Founded on the pillars of ecology, inclusivity, hope and a local maker-industry, The Gift of Colour begins in Amsterdam's Nelson Mandela Park as a model designed to expand for application in cities across the globe.

  • Film by Bas Berkhout / Birchwood Films
By: Claudy 02-11-2020

Claudy Jongstra's artistic and activist practice is the driving force behind her solo exhibition at Museum De Lakenhal. "Who still knows anything about plant-based colour?" ("Wie weet nog iets van een plantaardige kleur?") documents the translation of Jongstra's atelier and sustainable working farm & field lab into a multi-sensory exhibition experience.


  • Film by Marit Geluk
By: Claudy 03-11-2018

Studio Claudy Jongstra is thrilled to share our story with the world in a short film featured on the new Dutch website for the Triodos bank Nederland!