By: Claudy 10-01-2024

A new FAD Talk session starring artist and activist Claudy Jongstra on the occasion of the exhibition "Pastoral Futures. Wool Migrations"by MATERFAD, which can be visited at the Disseny Hub Barcelona until January 21 2024.

By: Claudy 27-10-2023

Academy member, artist and eco-activist Claudy Jongstra spoke on 13 September at the Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam about her groundbreaking new initiative she has just launched in New York: LOADS Collection.

By: Claudy 25-04-2023

Urtica de Vijfsprong is a biodynamic farm and an anthroposophic living and housing community on a visit at Studio Claudy Jongstra where working with wool is soothing and healing. From washing and processing the wool to harvesting the dye plants and colouring the wool, the outcome is always surprising and magical. Marit Geluk made the short film 'De kracht van wol'.

  • Film by Marit Geluk