The Wallace Foundation 2-2

Watercolor for Two Rivers, created for The Wallace Foundation, commissioned by Deborah Berke Partners. In this is one-of-a-kind artwork,  Jongstra draws inspiration from the Hudson and East Rivers that frame the north-facing view of Manhattan from The Wallace Foundation’s Social Hub. The delicate, undulating composition of natural fibers evokes an underwater landscape hidden in the depths of these salt water estuaries. The aquatic color palette, masterfully hand-dyed with seaweed foraged from the islands off the northern coast of The Netherlands, honors and expands upon the versatile role of vegetation in oceanic systems.


The Wallace Foundation New York City, commissioned by Deborah Berke Partners, 2019
Material: Drenthe Heath, Wensleydale and merino wool, mohair and silk
Pigments: foraged seaweeds including bladderwrack, sea lettuce, and oarweed
Size: 3,30 x 1,10m
Photo credit: Frankie Alduino