Spring of Light

By: Claudy: 13-12-2016

Making its home in the waiting room of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek cancer institute in Amsterdam, "Spring of Light" goes beyond art. It aims to give mental, emotional, and physical comfort to viewers and users of the space.

The soft yellow pigments are given from the Chamomile flower, Matricaria Recutita. In Latin, ‘matri’ means mother, while ‘caria’ is care; its exceptional properties are embedded in the name itself.

The Chamomile plant is known for its medicinal qualities such as promoting calm, and emotional well-being. The soft colors palette extracted from the petals have to power to calm the mind.

Natural indigo has been used worldwide for centuries and comes with legends and beliefs all its own. The magical blue of the Indigofera Tinctoria has a duality in itself. It invites us to focus on the pigment and lose ourselves within it. It has the ability to make us feel limitless.

"Spring of Light” refers to sparkling light on a leaf in the Spring and the hope that it brings.



Photos by Rob Versluys

All subjects are staged.