By: Claudy 21-11-2018

For Restaurant Mokum NYC on Amsterdam Avenue Dutch artist Claudy Jongstra, recently named Visual Artist of the Year 2019, created Botanical Fresco.

  • Restaurant MOKUM New York City, commissioned by Matthew Baird Architects, U.S.A. 2018
  • Size (m): 12.15 x 1.15
  • Material: wool Drenthe Heath Sheep, silk, mohair, linen
  • Pigments: madder, woad, onion skin, walnut
  • Photo credit: Liz Clayman, Jeroen Musch and Studio Claudy Jongstra
By: Claudy 03-11-2018

Studio Claudy Jongstra is thrilled to share our story with the world in a short film featured on the new Dutch website for the Triodos bank Nederland!

By: Claudy 02-11-2018

For an elegant private residence in New York City this earthy colored, organic shape, Rooted, was created. Subtly contrasting with the classical architecture and sophisticated atmosphere the colorful richness of the fecund soil has been fused into a variety of rough and refined textures in natural fibers.

  • Private residence New York City, U.S.A. 2018
  • Size (m): 4.50 x 1.60
  • Material: Wool Drenthe Heath Sheep, Silk
  • Pigments: Alkanet, Madder, Onion Skin, Walnut, Indigo
  • Photo credit: Jeroen Musch