By: Claudy 29-10-2022

On display during Dutch Design Week (22- 30 October): seven idents by the VPRO, including two new idents from Claudy Jongstra. Outside on the site of Sectie-C people could visit the VPRO Sculpture Garden exhibition of the idents in collaboration with Streetart Frankey.

By: Claudy 20-10-2022

Claudy Jongstra and Odin farm De Beersche Hoeve are bringing the natural dye plant woad back to the field, in art and in fashion. The plant that grew on our fields during the time of the Dutch masters is the raw material for the vibrant deep blue color that made painters such as Vermeer and Van Gogh famous.

By: Claudy 08-01-2021

Studio Claudy Jongstra and Extended Ground join forces with the Municipality of Amsterdam and ROC TOP to introduce The Gift of Colour. Founded on the pillars of ecology, inclusivity, hope and a local maker-industry, The Gift of Colour begins in Amsterdam's Nelson Mandela Park as a model designed to expand for application in cities across the globe.

  • Film by Bas Berkhout / Birchwood Films