By: Claudy 09-05-2024

The Fort Island just off the coast of IJmuiden, will be renamed Art Island during 17-19 May 2024.

  • Tangible Transformation IV
  • Studio Claudy Jongstra, 2024
  • 2.00 X 1.55 m
  • Drenthe heath wool, Spanish Heritage merino wool, mohair, silk, handspun yarns
  • Plant-based dyes: woad, madder, weld, walnut, onion
  • Techniques: felting, plant-based dye, hand embroidery
By: Claudy 12-10-2023

In Vaderland, the new gourmet farm with its own vegetable garden in Nederwetten on the Dommel river, the monumental artwork 'Southern Fertility' recently filled an entire wall of the restaurant.

  • Southern Fertility, 2023
  • Studio Claudy Jongstra
  • 3.03 X 2.36 m
  • Merino and Drenthe Heath Sheep wool, raw Mulberry silk, Tussah silk, raw cotton, flax
  • Woad, madder root, walnut shells, onion skins, indigo
By: Claudy 14-08-2023

 The wool-felted artwork Terre et Ciel (Earth and Sky) takes its title from the surroundings where it was recently installed; the private client's house in the French town of Tourtour. Studio Claudy Jongstra was inspired by the dark earth in the immediate area where many truffles grow and by the clear, bright and sunny sky.

  • Studio Claudy Jongstra
  • Terre et Ciel, 2023
  • 380 X 280 m
  • Drenthe heath sheep wool, silk
  • woad, madder, carrot folliage, weld, sunflower seeds