drenthe heath sheep

By: Claudy 22-05-2023

Studio Claudy Jongstra installed the 3.65 X 2.40-metre artwork entiteled: Mending the Future. The harmonious, earthy colours of the natural landscape fit seamlessly with the interior. "It was as if the empty white wall had been waiting for this work," says the private client with satisfaction.

  • Studio Claudy Jongstra
  • Mending the Future, 2023
  • 3.65 X 2.40 m
  • Felted wool from Drenthe Heath Sheep, embroidery, natural plant pigments
  • Galerie Fontana
By: Claudy 24-03-2023

Studio Claudy Jongstra created two idents on request of the VPRO. This ident of five seconds is about the preservation of cultural heritage, the careful handling of the richness of nature and the beauty and value of natural materials such as wool.

By: Claudy 24-03-2023

In one ident Studio Claudy Jongstra made for the VPRO, the studio puts the spotlight on woad. The pigment plant that Jongstra, together with biodynamic farmers from the Beersche Hoeve in Brabant, has started growing again after a hundred years of absence. Woad produces an intensely beautiful and layered blue dye in a dye bath that flows and colors as freely as before.